Welcome to SmartMedia.Agency, we are the founders of Homes.mu *Exited 2021. In 2023, we launched the new Web3 .mu3 TLD on India First Web3 Registrar Agaamin.inWe launched SmartDomain.Name and we are brokering premium .com .ai .it.com domains as well as 8 ultra niche .mu domains for Mauritius plus 2 premium Web3 blockchain domains.

  1. Beer.mu / Beers.mu / Wines.mu / Rums.mu *Sold as a bundle 

  2. Insure.mu *1st page of Google for Insurance Marketplace Mauritius and insure Mauritius *For Sale

  3. Lassurance.mu *Sold as bundle with Insure.mu (French + English Market)
  4. Immobiliers.mu *For sale only Did you know that Immobilier.mu redirects to Cap Tamarin (Smart City). Perfect domain for a Promoter or Real Agency.

  5. Leasing.mu *For Sale / JV Or Lease To Own Options.

  6. Mauritius.Island and Rodrigues.Island Web3 domains (Handshake) for sale on Namecheap.com.

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