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Mauritius Embraces Web 3.0

Introducing .mu3 Identities.

Tech enthusiasts in Mauritius are eagerly awaiting the launch of Web 3.0 identities on the .mu3 domain extension. Starting from July 15, 2023, at midnight (00:01 hours), netizens will be able to register for these blockchain-based identities designed for individuals on the internet.

Unlike conventional domain extensions such as .com, .org, .uk, and .mu, which are primarily used by businesses and professionals to create websites, .mu3 provides a unique identity for individuals.

In the current web 2.0 era, dominated by major tech search and social media companies, users are assigned usernames that are limited to specific platforms. However, as the internet evolves into Web 3.0, users will have the opportunity to possess a single, universal “Smart Name.”. This Smart Name will serve as their identity across various platforms, including domain names, email, chat, and social media.

Sebastien Staub, the founder of Smart Media Agency, a startup from Mauritius, has partnered with Agaamin, a leading global “Smart Name registry” based in India, to introduce the .mu3 extension to Mauritius. Registration for these names will be available on the official Agaamin website:

Commenting on the launch, Sebastien emphasized their vision for Mauritius’ namespace, stating, “This presents a unique opportunity for the youth of Mauritius to explore global web3 technologies and understand the significance of digital identity. Your Smart Name will be your digital ID on the new internet and will be more important than your phone number.”

Smart Name extensions, such as .mu3, are built on the Handshake blockchain, which serves as an open-source decentralized DNS root zone of the internet. According to Sajan Nair, the founder of Agaamin, “The introduction of a Master ‘username’ means that users gain empowerment and control over their data, as opposed to platforms. This architecture paves the way for a whole new ecosystem of products, including email, social media, finance, and entertainment. It represents a multibillion-dollar market opportunity that young builders should pay attention to.”

Agaamin has launched an outreach program for colleges to foster a startup culture, guiding and mentoring young entrepreneurs. Smart Media plans to extend this initiative to colleges and the youth of Mauritius. Smart ecosystems, tailored to each college’s needs, will be built on custom extensions, and Smart Names will be made available to students. This interconnected network of bright minds will foster innovation and create startups, with Smart Media providing mentorship and support.

As the world undergoes rapid and transformative changes on the internet, Mauritius solidifies its position on the global Web 3.0 map.