Sebastien Staub

Sebastien Staub

  • Occupation: Agency Director, Head of Digital Strategy, Branding, Marketer, Publisher & WordPress Web Designer. Building +10 websites and marketplaces, founded and sold HOMES.MU / BAZAR.MU / HOSPITALITY.MU / LUXURYPROPERTY.MU & REAL-ESTATE-MAURITIUS in 2021.
  • Experience: 17 Years
  • E-mail:
  • Location: Creve Coeur, Rodrigues


Founder Smart Media Ltd –
  • Brand Building
  • Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Digital Strategies
  • Sales & Marketing
  • BDM
  • Web Services / SEO / SMO
  • Mobile Apps  UA/UX/UI
  • WordPress WooCommerce Marketplaces

We launched, and publications with their respective marketplaces as well as and

In 2021, I sold all the above brands and marketplaces to a global UK PR & Media Company.

This June 2021, I launched, which is already on the 1st page of all SERP’s for keywords “eGaming Licenses” and eGaming Domains. This site is getting 1000 visitors a month. We own several eGaming, Casino, Horse Racing and SportsNetwork a 200+ domain collections and offer several eGaming Licenses and softwares solutions with global partners. This eBusiness is now under Brokerage / Under Offer with – The global #1 Domain Brokerage Firm.

  1. This 2022, we launched the first Mauritius NFT Project www.TheFamousDodo.Art available on
  2. SellDomain.Name – A Boutique Premium Domain Marketplace *Accepting premium domain names only
  3. Custom.App *Beta Testing – Custom App & Source Codes Marketplace
  4. Web3Domains.Auction – The Worlds Most Curated Web3 Domains – Silicon.Valley – Stock.Brokers – Booking.Holidays Ultra Premium Blockchain Domains which are in the 7/8 figures BIN range.
You’ve got a cool project, or NFT or online business you want to get online fast. The team and I, have got you covered.
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