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Smart Media Ltd was launched in 2016, when 2 good and old friends David Lagesse and Sebastien Staub who both studied and worked together in Australia teamed up with Chris Harel, then the CFO of CubeDesign.mu with their team and designer, to create this new brand and venture.

Soon after launching, we managed to secure several big contracts with CISCO, SHELL and created the WIN A HOME LOTTERY to boost their December sales and custom base which we achieved brilliantly.

Our company is the proud owner of the WIN A HOME THIS CHRISTMAS concept which was executed for Vivo Energy Shell in December 2016.

Article - https://defimedia.info/vivo-energy-mauritius-offers-ecological-home-christmas 

  • Marketing Budget: Rs3.5M
  • Campaign Goal: Get New Smart Vivo Card Members
  • ROI - Rs150M to 300M for 2017.
  • Results - Shell Vivo increased their loyalty cards by 50% from this one campaign alone during the month of December alone.


  • SEO / SMO

During our first year into a partnership, we decided to invest and upgrade the first publication and popular A5 brochure created by Sebastien Staub - Real-Estate-Mauritius Property Investment Guide and launch a luxury A4 publication. We designed and trademarked HOMES.MU magazine in April 2016. Together, we produced 8 magazines under this partnership and a total of 15 magazines after we all parted ways.

After this successful win-win partnership, which lasted 2 years, the 2 founding directors C. Harel and D. Lagesse decided to pursue different careers and dreams. One went into Agriculture and the other in Street Art and Team Development.

The deal initiator "Sebastien Staub" bought back all their company shares and paid all their initial investments / salaries in order to own 100% of this new company which he was the founding partner of initially.

In 2018, Smart Media Ltd launched a second publication, HOSPITALITY.MU to cater for the then booming Hospitality / Travel and Tourism Industry. After close to 8 years of publishing three publications from the property guide in 2013 to Homes.mu in 2016 and Hospitality.mu in 2018. In 2021 Smart Media Ltd sold all these business IP's and Trademarks to Eclipse PR / Investment  Ltd.

Smart Media Ltd, moved away from Publishing and into building several niche online global businesses with their own Brands, USPs, Digital assets for sale on their own Marketplaces:

  1. eGamingLicense.com- 1st Page of Google + all SERP for eGaming Domain and eGaming License
  2. SellDomain.Name- Premium Domains For Sale
  3. Web3Domains.Auction- Premium Web3 Domains
  4. Custom.App - Marketplaces for Apps and Source Codes
  5. FamousDodo.Art - (NFT & Clothing Brand)

Thank you to contact us if you have any Website, Logo, Branding, Digital Marketing or Marketplaces you wish to build or any premium domains you wish to secure or list on our marketplaces. *T&C's applies.


The Process

Domain, Logo & Branding

This is the making of your brand. The Name, The USP and The Visuals.

Web Design

We then proceed to selecting your Theme, CRM, Plugins and all the Business Tools Required.


We work exclusively with WordPress WooCommerce. Dokan and multi vendor sites.

Launch & Developing

We help you launch and develop your business online for Yr 1 until you fly alone.