Your Trademark Domain

Your Trademark Domain

It all starts with a Domain Name, Your IP and BRAND.

Our Brand and Domain Name, Smart Media is a very famous brand worldwide.

Little did we know, when the name came to mind, after registering the domain name first, then the tradename at the registar of companies, plus getting the trademark, that the below story would of happened. Last time we’ve checked, there were 100+ brands / agencies worldwide that used the same brand as their tradename in several countries. The global business growth trademarking of this brand was dead from the start.

You have Smart Media Agency in France, in Switzerland, in Norway, Kenya and pretty much in every country and we knew the local trademark we own was worthless. Especially, when another company decided they also like the same name and went ahead calling and trading as Smart Media. Can you believe this?

Welcome to real world, where trademarks are useless and those suppose to enforcing this trademark law themselves betrays and do the opposite.

When we started getting calls for their services, thanks to our secretary who warned us. We did report them and went down the legal way to protect our brand. We won our case but the damages was already done after 2 years gifting for this right. Many companies were conduced who own the Trademark and Tradename and they already had marketed themselves as Smart Media. How such a detrimental mistake, or crime against our brand could of happened? Well, the authorities given this power committed this error by allowing them to secure their name. The Registrar of Companies registered their tradename as Reggie Publicitaire Smart Media Ltd while we four years prior restored Smarty Media Ltd with the sole Trademark for this brand. Same brand colour red and white. We in the Advertising, Digital Marketing and Media space, and they in the Digital Billboards space.

Isn’t Advertising, Marketing and Digital Marketing also includes Billboards? I guess they missed this as they always do miss it.

Welcome to Mauritus (sorry that was the mispelling during a football match on a digital screen at Liverpool Stadium back in 2020).

An island full of capable experts of only running a clown show which all intellectuals are to blame for accepting such poor outcome, as they will always claim they never faulted.

The place where they give the same trademark to two companies and will not take any responsibilities for their fault or retract or repair, or even say sorry they faulted. Instead, they will hide behind their emails, not return your calls and try twist their bogus laws that in this case the law did not apply or do they even know what they are doing, or simply registering any trade name that comes to their desk and simply cashing in.

If only this happened to us only once, you bet, this happened to us twice. Yes we also went through the same ordeal with our first trademark “Santosha Guides”. Again the TM office and Registar gave to another person the permission to trademark “Santosha” as if Toyota Motors, their legal trade name doesn’t own the right to Toyota. We truly living extraordinary times, where up is down and down is up. An upside down world where your so called IP rights (trademark and trade name) are violated by the very people who are supposed to protecting them and that applies to business and as a human being with the last two years of COVAIDS with their planned Business Restrictions / Lockdowns which was all designed to kill the Entrepreneurial Spirit, Small and Medium Sized Businesses, while the likes of Amazon, Netflix and eBay were allowed to trade as normal and definitely kill Global Tourism which is slowly picking up this 2022 but everyone is pretty much broke and went down with such harsh restrictions.

A Sad State of Affairs.

The moral of this story, is that the sole and only thing you are sure to truly own that no-one can steal it from you is a Domain Name

So what is a Domain Name?

It is a Digital Asset which like land has huge value, it allows you to own an IP address, which are a set of number which a DNS – The Domain Name System which is the hierarchical and decentralized naming system used to identify computers, services, and other resources reachable through the Internet or other Internet Protocol networks. The resource records contained in the DNS associate domain names with other forms of information. Those DNS (set of multiple computers) then translates your IP into your URL address on the Internet, these addresses are called URLs (Uniform Resource Locators).

When we came up with the name SMARTMEDIA.AGENCY which we thought was Smart, as we are in the Media / Advertising business and are a Digital Agency, so the .Agency TLD made total sense to use it.

They can own what ever name they want, there is only one SMARTMEDIA.AGENCY online despite the 100’s of other brands worldwide using the same SLD and just for that domain name, we are extremely proud to have it as our brand and website.

So what is it with owning a premium domains name?

Owning a TLD – Top Level Domain is what is on the right of the dot and the SLD is the letters on the left of the dot, which stands for Second Level Domain.

Your Domain = Your Brand = Your IP = Your Online Address = Your Email = Your Niche = Your Market Share = Your Entire Business! 

Why invest in a TLD?

I invite you to consult our sister site to secure your premium Top Level Domain and new brand – www.SmartDomain.Name.

Now, if you haven’t already heard, Web3 is here and already the brightest talents at Silicon Valley’s Tech Giants are all jumping on this fast decentralized train.

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